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250 Reasons To Be Happy!

Okay, so I have this really really amazing friend who’s been feeling kinda down lately, so this post is dedicated mostly to her. It is also dedicated to anyone else who’s been in a bad mood lately or is just sad about something, etc. If you know someone in this situation, maybe share it with them? Anyway, I’m not gonna post all my 250 reasons all at once, but rather 50 at a time. Okay, so now: enjoy!

1. Everyone has something about them that people like. Whether it’s your personality, your hair, your skin, I bet at least 50 people in your life have thought to themselves, “Wow, I love her clothes,” or “I wish I had her hair”.

2. It’s almost holiday season, which really speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love a nice break from school and presents?

3. Someone invented pie.

4. It’s almost 2015, which means a new start and brand new opportunities!

5. We all have someone who cares about us. Whether it’s a relative, a parent, a friend, or just me (but probably not just me), we all have at least one person who truly cares.

6. It’s getting colder (at least where I live), so that means hot chocolate, fresh snow, warm cookies….. seasonal cups at Starbucks…..

7. Giant sweaters. They look good on ANYONE, are comfy, and they’re warm and in-style.

8. I’m sure everyone’s had good experiences. It might have been when you were little and you got a new toy or ice cream, or when you were playing a sport and you executed a move perfectly or scored a goal, we all had that happy moment. Which means that there’s a high chance more will come.

9. If you don’t have enough happy experiences in real life, there’s always dreams, in which you can be as happy as you wanna be. Just think happy thoughts as you fall asleep.

10. Your favorite food exists.

11. I know this is kinda crossing the line, but if it really helps, just think that all those people you hate will someday die. Oops.

12. You can always think positively which is scientifically proven to bring good things your way and make you happier. So actually don’t think too much about that last statement (number 11); focus on positive things. Cheeze

13.  Everyday brings a new start. Just think: in 24 hours I can do something different or make a friend, or do something else that can make you happy.

14. You look good in something. Sunglasses, giant sweaters, crop tops, I don’t care. You look good in it.

15. I’m spending so far over half an hour for this, just for you.

16. Life is full of possibilities.

17. Music.

18.  Only you control your life. So make it good. Plan trips, do fun things, get married, only you control that.

19. Read a good book. Books are easy to find and can be read anywhere, so find a good one and escape reality for a couple hours.

20. Exercise releases chemicals in your body that make you happy, and makes you fit af. It’s a win-win situation!

21. Remember good childhood memories.

22. There is always something you like to do that’s available for you to do. No matter if you like doing a sport, acting, writing, sleeping, etc, you can do it. And that should make you happy.

23. There are inspirational quotes. For example…..

24. Eat anything you want. And if someone calls you fat, eat them too.

25. There are more good people in this world than bad.

26. You can get a pet. Pets won’t judge you, and can play with you all the time while making you feel safer.

27 my response. If you believe in karma, just doing a small good thing like volunteering can bring you a result that’s just as big to you as volunteering was to them. So a really big result.

28. Hilarious things are everywhere. It doesn’t take much effort to laugh.

29. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown, so by smiling, you’re really being lazy, which everyone enjoys time to time.

30. Someday, you’ll be out of school and be able to do a job that you really really enjoy.

31.  There’s always the future.

32. “If your dream did not exist, you wouldn’t be able to dream it.” -Polina Cherepanova

33. You can wear your favorite color any day you want.

34. Friends are everywhere.

35. Race is a made-up term by society. It doesn’t exist.

36. At least one person out there accepts you for you. Probably more than you think.

37. I love you!

38. They sell waffles everywhere.

39. If you’re not a book person, there are amazing movies everywhere that you can watch.

40. Someone is jealous of you. I can guarantee it. That means they like something of you.

41. No one is going to care what you wore when you were 13 or what embarrassing thing you said at 16. So don’t over think it. Relax.

42. Most of the things people learn about in school isn’t going to be useful to you in your later life. So if you get a D on a math test on proving quadrilaterals congruent, it’s okay.

43. Think of your favorite things. You can have them.

44. Holidays bring miracles.

45. Sleep. It heals illnesses. It relaxes you. It brings happy thoughts. It brings warmth. You do it every night.

46. Think back to the happiest day in your life. Like they say, history repeats itself.

47. If you don’t like the cold, it will be warm again. Don’t worry.

48. All of your worries will resolve themselves someday.

49. Weekends and vacation days exist.

50. You have made it through all of the hard times and you can keep going.

51. The person who this post was originally about is completely better. It wasn’t even a problem that lasted for more than a few days. This will happen with you too. One day, you will feel completely better, and all your troubles will seem so meaningless.

52. There are so many ways in this time period to express yourself. You can wear what you want, listen to your own music, cut your hair, etc. And if you can’t do this now, live with the thought that one day you will be able to.

53. As humans, we only use 10-12% of our brain. This means that the other 88-90% can be used for something incredible, we just don’t know it yet. We are forever evolving creatures, so stay on this earth, you might realize you can do something great.

54. Smiling for 60 seconds helps raise your mood and temporarily cure depression. So just smile, and you’ll feel better for a little bit. It’s like we have a built in cure for everything.

55. I like to believe everything happens for a reason. Someday, the reason behind anything negative in your life will be revealed, and you will feel so much better.

56. Be happy because warm beds and long hugs and bubble baths at the end of a long day exist.

57. There is a man alive right now who is in complete poverty, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a cardboard box on the street which he calls home. Yet some sources claim that he is the happiest man alive. If he can be happy, so can you.

58. Let’s play Simon Says.

Simon says to smile.

Simon says to look at all the good things in         your life and be extremely happy you have them.

Simon says to look at your family, your friends, the dog that let you pet him, the bird that wasn’t afraid of you as you walked by, just look at whatever you have and be glad for it.

Now, be sad again and look at what I just told you to do and say “Ah, this is stupid.” Or, “This stuff never works.”

Ooh, did you do it? Yes? Well, you lose! Only do what Simon says.

59. Everyone gets a chance to die. Not everyone gets the opportunity to live. Don’t take it for granted.

60. Be happy because of the feeling when you wake up and realize you have more time to sleep.